Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rethinking the Look of Things No. 10 - House REWarming Party

I'm a kitchen gadget kind of gal so when I was in a local fine department store's Home Department I went crazy over the kitchen gadget section. And when I visit the local William Sonoma store - I just aimlessly wonder in circles and wish, and wish, and wish. And I've determined that a new party fad is needed. I'm calling it a "House REWarming Party".

When one gets married they register their wish list for gift-givers and when one moves to a new home they have a housewarming celebration. Well for those of us who have been through those two life milestones and are still using kitchen gadgets we received way back when I say it's time for a House REWarming Party!

Besides the fact that kitchen gadgets are easier and more clever, let's talk about the colors available!

Did you know the KitchenAid Artisan mixer is available in 27 colors?

Let's talk about where these collapsible measuring spoons. Where were they when we set-up our kitchen.

You can't deny that for some strange reason your favorite pot roast would look and taste so much better in a Le Creuset pot.

Okay - loving this flat whisk. Yup, I still have the traditional one.

I am so loving the contemporary clean lines of these kitchen tools!
At least this meat tenderizer doesn't look like a serial killer's weapon of choice.

Swoon! Check out this olive oil can. I gave this to two people as Christmas gifts last year. Trust me it was hard to let go.

I'm just concentrating on the kitchen, but a House REWarming Party could be for all areas of the home. I mean really, have you felt the Hotel Collection-type linens lately. Luxurious.

So what do you think of this new party fad I want to get started? I'll volunteer for the trial run!

Image Sources: Le Creuset, Cuisinart, KitchenAid, Martha Stewart, Crate & Barrel, Bed Bath & Beyond

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