Friday, August 26, 2011

Color Palette No. 6 - Pink and Chocolate Brown

Warning - this color palette is not for the weak and wimpy. It is reserved for the fun-loving and a bit of sassy amongst us.  So if you have been struggling to harness your deep down desire to have fun in your home with a nonconventional color palette - I say phooey-go for it! This life we are living is not dress rehearsal.

This is where my love of using a pop of color on a traditional upholstery frame or painting a piece of furniture a high gloss color becomes a must!

Loving these patent leather pink chairs! Sacrilege, darling!

The color palette paint colors:

Sherwin Williams - In The Pink

Benjamin Moore - Peony

Benjamin Moore - Middlebury Brown

Image Sources:  House Beautiful, VT Interiors Blog, Benjamin Moore, Decor Pad, Country Living

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