Thursday, May 3, 2012

Well Dressed Home No. 13 - Ralph Lauren Desert Modern

His newest collection is called Desert Modern but there is a lot of vintage notes in this modern collection. Many pieces are made by hand, using techniques from the American Studio Craft movement of the 1940s. In this collection is a bench almost five-feet in length that is carved from a single teak log that will be limited to 25 being produced, because the process is so labor-intensive.

A tiered bookshelf's design is drawn from a French 40's example.

While developing ideas for new home-furnishings designs, Ralph Lauren found his biggest inspiration in something that was, in fact, quite small: a simple bowl made of hand-hewn teak. 
Architectural Digest describes it as "elegantly rustic, but also luxuriously chic.

All this from a bowl!
Image Sources: Architectural Digest, Ralph Lauren

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