Friday, April 6, 2012

RSVP Collection No. 33 - The Easter Egg

Yup, chalkboard paint.

No pressure here, just some "blow your mind" decorated Easter eggs. So if you haven't colored your eggs yet, have at it. But be warned, this is not the Q-tip, food coloring, newspaper down on the table coloring of eggs, oh no....these eggs even have Martha Stewart pouting.

Someone has a very delicate hand.

Loving the luster!

Leave it to Roberto Cavallini

It's fabric!

With a Sharpie pen, really?
(who are these people?)

Truly tie-dyed.

And after the Easter egg hunt, here is the best egg salad recipe.

Bella Cucina Egg Salad Sandwich
  • Boil the eggs just until the centers are still wet. I put my eggs in boiling water and cook for nine minutes.   The eggs continue cooking once you take the pot off the heat, so by the time they cool off for peeling, they have the perfect golden sun yellow yolk. 
  • Chop the eggs with a pastry cutter.  I love the chunky texture. Is this the secret? 
  • Mix mayonnaise {homemade best, of course, but Hellman's is my choice} with basil pesto. About 1 cup mayo to 1 Tablespoon pesto.  The "secret" ingredient revealed.  
  • While the eggs are still warm, gently fold in the pesto mayo into the chopped eggs. 
  • Slather  slices olive bread or Italian country loaf lightly on both sides with olive pesto
  • Generously spread the egg salad onto the dressed bread. Top with washed baby arugula leaves. 
  • Cut in half and enjoy immensely.  

Image Sources: Sharpie, Italia Living, Scribbet, Notcot, La Scala, Tutorial Lounge, Dumage, Bella Cucina

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  1. Yum...that recipe is what I need to do with all my pink eggs!


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