Thursday, March 29, 2012

Garden Design No. 7 - Birdhouses

There is nothing like those birdhouses your children built as a project and paint with their own little hands that hang proudly in our trees. Those birds don't know just how special they are when we allow them to take residence in these "memory" houses.

And we have all rolled pine cones in peanut butter and bird seed a few times when we needed a Winter project for those little hands. These were great lessons of showing just how wonderful nature is and how we are responsible for taking care of this gift as much as we can.

But life moves forward, the memories stay alive and bring smiles to our faces, and we look to feed those birds with a more artistic approach.

You can't beat the color of a Robin's egg, but how cool is this take on it!

Love these!

For the architectural lover!

Seriously creative - a take on the Chrysler Building.

And if you want to bring back the joys of building your own birdhouses - check out this book!

Image Sources: MoMa, Neiman Marcus, Twin Pines Studio, Etsy, Amazon, Lowes, Sing Snap, Apartment Therapy

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