Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Well Dressed Home No. 2 - Bobbin Chair

I consider the accent chair one of the most important elements in a room. The accent chair is where a bit of personality, individuality, and sometimes history comes into the design. Where the braver side of you can come out. The accent chair is like the right shoe for an outfit. Beautiful and comfortable.

My favorite accent chairs have always been wood frame chairs. The wood frame tends to offer more:
  • carving in just the right places
  • sleekness of a leg style
  • a bit of modern in an otherwise formal room
  • a family heirloom style where a fun fabric borders on sacrilege
  • a reproduced design of an antique that brings back fond memories
  • the perfect silhouette for animal print fabrics!
I'm loving the bobbin chair design for its versatility. This design is like the 3" heel open toe shoe that looks great in any color. The bobbin chair compliments almost any design aesthetic and carries almost any fabric refreshingly well.

Image sources: 1st Dibs, Veranda, Dan Marty, Massoud, Bassett Furniture, Stylebeat, Hickory Chair, Lexington Furniture, Manolo Blahnik, Aesthetic Decor

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