Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring Cleaning - Who wants your stuff?

So the Spring cleaning task list should be nearing the end and now we all have that pile of stuff we need to get rid of, but where do we go with it? We've called all the family and friends and tried to pawn it off and they are wise to our game and have said a polite "no thanks". 
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Here is a list of places that would be happy to take things off your hands and a few places you can actually earn some fun money in exchange. It is recommended that you call ahead to make sure they are in need of what you want to donate so that it will be put to good use.

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Who wants my books?
This is an easy one! Your local library would be delighted to take those books off your hands for their book sales. Rewards two ways - they get the money and you get a tax deduction.
If you are looking to earn some fun money of your own, you can actually sell your books on It is easy. Simply go to their website, set up a sellers account and start listing your books. They give you their selling price for a new one and other sellers used pricing so you have a guide to follow as to what your asking price should be. They even provide the image of the front cover of the book.
If you have gently used children's books you can donate them to The Children's Book Project. Visit

Who wants my board games my children have outgrown?
Ok, here's the deal - please make sure that all the pieces are intact and that the game is in good condition. Then call your local children's hospital, church, and domestic violence shelters.
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Who wants my worn out athletic shoes?
Nike's Reuse-A-Shoe program takes old worn out athletic shoes for recycling, transforming them into a material used in creating athletic and playground surfaces and select Nike products. You can drop off athletic shoes of any brand for recycling. Shoes containing metal such as cleats or spikes cannot be accepted. You can also recycle LIVESTRONG wristbands for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Bring up to 10 pairs to any Reuse-A-Shoe collection location, which can be found at all U.S. Nike retail stores, as well as places like universities, athletic clubs, and community recycling centers.

Who wants my CDs, DVDs and MP3 players?
U.S. troops based overseas, thats who! Visit for more details.

Who wants my art materials and unexpected art supplies?
There are Creative Reuse Centers across the Country. The center in Lancaster, PA says the basic criteria is: Something you look at and think "It's a shame to throw this away. Someone could make something out of it".

Who wants my business suits and accessories for ladies?
Contact Dress for Success. They provide interview suits, confidence boosts, and career development for low income women.  Visit them at

Who wants my used soccer and other sports equipment?
There are two great websites to visit who accept donated sports equipment and provide to underpriviledged children around the world.  Even a whole teams jerseys from the previous season! To find out more visit or

Who wants my used cell phones and PDAs?
These might be accepted at your local domestic violence shelters.
Flipswarp will give you cash for your phone and keep it out of the trash by reselling or safely recycling it. And plant a tree for every phone recycled. Since 2008 they have planted more than 400,000 trees. You can even print out a free shipping label at

Who wants obsolete computer software, PC cables, old keyboards, etc?
Check out whose goal is to create a line of recycled products from obsolete high-tech junk.

Who wants just about anything else I have?
Goodwill Industries and Salvation Army accepts gently used items.  Please do not donate dirty or broken items.

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