Thursday, January 2, 2014

Well Dressed Home No. 49 - Home Spa-Like Bath

A luxurious, spa-like bath. Multiple shower heads and massage jets. Plush towels. A fireplace. Natural stone and marble tiles and countertops. Lighting that can be dimmed. Calming paint hues. Accent colors that ground you. At the edge of your seat yet?

When it comes to designing your spa-like bath, I have one important bit of practical. Because this bath is to provide relaxation and carefree enjoyment. I highly recommend you consult a professional - it will save you bundles and keep you from disappointment later.

There are certain materials that are conducive to a spa-like bath and there are materials to avoid. Yes you can have upholstered seating in the bath, just make sure you select practical woods and fabrics. Teak is a spa-friendly wood. And can't go wrong with luxurious plush towels or water repellent fabrics.

A spa-like bath is a luxury. An environment created. 

Image Sources:  House Beautiful, Kohler, Premier Home, Gary Hullinger, Elle Decor

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