Friday, January 24, 2014

Well Dressed Home No. 50 - The Vanity

I was driving in busy morning traffic the other morning and was cut off my a woman multitasking by applying her mascara while maneuvering the roadways. And it made me wonder whatever happen to, what now seems like, the luxury of readying ourselves for our day in style.

There are too many beautiful ways to add a posh vanity or dressing table to our homes to be enhancing our looks in a vehicle.

Why pass up the opportunity to use vintage hotel silver to hold our makeup tools and tricks?

You will find that when you start planning a place for this little luxury it will amaze you how little space you will need. And the fun of selecting just the right vanity table, mirror, and seating will make you wonder why you waited this long to set aside this area for yourself.

Whether you are redesigning your bath to include this must have space or finally realizing that empty corner is actually the perfect spot, remember you deserve this!

There are some essentials you need to remember. 


*Perfect lighting - natural or artificial or both!
*Customize the height of the table to meet your comfort.
*Try seating for the vanity/dressing table until it is perfect for you.
(After all proper posture is a must.)
*The mirror you choose has no rules - but make sure it is hung or slanted just right.
*Take an inventory of your makeup and aroma essentials to make sure
you have enough tabletop space and storage for it all.

Be sure not to limit yourself to the conformity of a piece of furniture referred to as a vanity/dressing table. Think outside that and the possibilities will be beautifully individual. Your signature! Just like the color of your lipstick.

Pucker up buttercup. It's the same makeup regime it only feels more special!

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