Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Well Dressed Home No. 23 - Louis Bergere Chair

Louie sportin' the Neo Geo trend!

Nothing like a good "Louie"! This style was designed for guests to lounge in because of it's loose seat cushion and deep seat. I have one in my bedroom and I can attest to the fact that it is very comfortable.

The Bergere chair became popular in 17th Century France amongst nobility, the strong rococo styles are referred to as Louis XIV bergeres. Sometimes these chairs were gilded and upholstered in silks.

This Anthropologie crewel version of the Louie is fun!

You know me and breaking the rules. Besides comfort, I love this chair frame because of it's versatility. There are so many fabrics that go well on this style, be it traditional silks and tapestries; to fun transitional and modern designs. And don't forget the frame finish - the fun doesn't stop with the fabric!

Loving this Thomas Paul fabric on Louie!

Awning stripe? You bet!

Louie, home on the range.

Suzani with a painted white frame - fun!

What a gentleman Louie is in his menswear pinstripe.

Like the perfect shade of lipstick!

And who says Louie can't pull off a feed sack and some burlap?

And mix it up with a Ralph Lauren ticking and vintage feed sack?

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