Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Be Inspired No. 28 - The Camel

If this guy doesn't inspire you to add some passementerie to your home design, I don't know what will. But as in everything good, please use in moderation. 

I'm inspired by the layers of a camel's "attire" that can be applied in designing a room. 

Let's start with the saddle. What a great footstool it makes, as well as a great conversation piece.I found one a few years ago that is tucked under my living room cocktail table and pulled out when needed. I've left it in its found state with the worn leather cushion (for now), aged brass caps, and weathered wood finish.. Here are a few images of some other camel saddles.

Love the tacks and rawhide laces!

And how fun would the sheepskin be as a throw or even an accent rug? Or even recovering the cushion on a camel saddle.

This guy knows he looks sassy!

And then the blanket patterns and tassels.  See it just doesn't stop, the inspiration is endless! Need some application ideas? How about these?

How to make an inexpensive lamp look like amazing.

Trims on pillows. Just enough. And key tassels on a drawer knob - a great finishing touch.


When a footstool makes you feel like queen for a day.

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