Friday, March 7, 2014

Translation - Fashion to Home No. 18 - Calling All Fashionistas

We have all read it or heard it..."Your home should reflect you." The true fashionista lives this in their wardrobe everyday and everyone knows it about them.  In this blog post I'm giving those same fashionistas a little nod of approval to carry it even further and give them the green light to work it into their home decor as well. 

Although I doubt they need that nudge! A true fashionista has this inborn creative freedom that gives them licence to show their passion for presentation. A freedom that tells the onlooker that this person knows what she likes and isn't afraid to put a great outfit together and show it off. Traditional, contemporary, modern, or transitional; reflecting a fashionista's passion in home decor isn't any different no matter what the architecture or furniture style.

No one is going to tell the fashionista they can't put that with this. They understand that a home is about what one loves. What tells a story. What defines them. What moves them. What makes them smile. It isn't based on a flighty trend. It's about creating a home that is all about them.

The fashionista brings such a flair to home design once they learn they can. After all, whose home is it anyhow?

As with all definitions there are those who understand how to pull it off with class and style and those that try and fail. So bring your ideas to the table with your interior designer and let them create a room that doesn't scream teenage bedroom or college dorm. They'll appreciate your fashion tips and you'll appreciate their design talent. Why settle for a knockoff by an amateur?

True fashion is a sophistication. Great interior design cannot be substituted.

So share your passions with your interior designer and you'll see yourself reflected in your room design, I promise. And if you don't see that happening in the plans - get another designer!

Remember, just as in one's wardrobe more is just more. You know you aren't to dress as if you are a walking advertisement for the fashion designer. This should be applied to your home design. Reflect your passion with restraint and class.

This translation of your love for fashion into your home can be so fun! 

Fashionistas, let your room reflect your style!

Image Sources: Decor Pad, Indulgy, Artfire, Artify Me, Pinterest, Etsy, Apartment Therapy, MyChicMyWay, The Julian Home, USA Today

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