Thursday, December 26, 2013

With Restraint No. 1 - Feathers

I'm adding a new category volume to my blog today. With Restraint.  The blog posts under this category will feature those great things in our home that are great because they are used with restraint. Just enough. Feathers are one of those things that add to in a just enough manner.

The color palette that inspiration from feathers can provide is divine! The saying "tickle your fancy" becomes a feeling when feathers are embraced for their color and their texture. It's hard to walk past an urn of feathers without brushing them with our hands.

This feather tablecloth is amazing.

Feather trims and faux fur...perfect combination!

The illumination of feathers is alluring.

This feather wallpaper from F. Schumacher has so many applications!

Image Sources: F. Schumacher, Pinterest, Paloma 81, Count and Castle, Haldane Martin, Etsy, Resovate, Zsa Zsa Bellegio

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